Strong Entertainment Lighting

Strong Gladiator IV

lamp: 4500W xenon zoom range: starting at 1.7° ballast: separate The Gladiator IV offers large venue operators and lighting designers a new option at this level.

Strong Super Trouper II

lamp: 2000W xenon Zoom range: 2° – 6.3° ballast: separate The Super Trouper II fills a major void in the spotlight market by producing 10% more light in a structure that is 20% lighter and 25% smaller than comparable units.

Strong Radiance

lamp: 850W Metal Halide Zoom range: 3° – 7° ballast: integrated The Radiance is the youngest spotlight from Strong Entertainment Lighting.

Strong Truss Trouper Short Throw

lamp: 1200W HMI Zoom range: 12° ballast: separate Continuing the world-famous “Trouper” line, this unit, using fixed optics will find a place in a large variety of productions.