Strong Super Trouper II

Strong Super Trouper II

lamp: 2000W xenon
Zoom range: 2° – 6.3°
ballast: separate

The Super Trouper II fills a major void in the spotlight market by producing 10% more light in a structure that is 20% lighter and 25% smaller than comparable units.

The heavy-duty construction of the Super Trouper II features a steadier beam, a completely new optical system, and controls that can be manipulated from either side.

The Strong Super Trouper II features:

  • 2000W xenon lamp source
  • Zoom range starting at 2° to 6.3°
  • “Cold” Metal Reflector, 5600° Kelvin
  • Six-Color, self-canceling Boomerang with Color Filters
  • Ultraviolet Filter Available
  • Horizontal Masking Control/Masking Shutter Blades
  • Manual Dimming Control
  • Nichrome Steel Iris
  • Spot Size and Edge Focus Controls
  • Collapsible, Selectable-Height Floor Stand with adjustable Friction Controls for both Vertical and horizontal movement
  • Remote “On-Off” Control Capability
  • Elapsed Hour Meter & DC Ammeter on lamp house Instrument Panel
  • Shock Mount Eliminates Need to Remove xenon Bulb while transporting