Strong Radiance

Strong Radiancelamp: 850W Metal Halide
Zoom range: 3° – 7°
ballast: integrated

The Radiance is the youngest spotlight from Strong Entertainment Lighting. Not since the introduction of the legendary Super Trouper in 1956 has so much design effort and user feedback been merged into true revolutionary
functionality. Strong has combined superior performance with operator ergonomics for ease of operation.

The Strong Radiance features;

  • 850W Metal Halide (Enhanced Metal Arc) lamp source
  • Zoom range starting at 3° to 7°
  • Rigid aluminum extrusions insure sturdy construction while minimizing weight
  • Low-profile yoke design allows for unobstructed access to the fixture and exceptionally smooth pan & tilt operation
  • Six-color, self-canceling Boomerang uses standard 9 inch “Super Trouper” gel frames
  • Horizontal and Vertical masking shutters
  • Nichrome steel iris
  • Dimming fade-out control ranges from 100% output to full douse
  • Spot size and edge focus controls integrated into single handle
  • True Zoom Focus (TZF) automatically maintains hard edge from flood to small spot
  • Enhanced metal arc lamp offers the advantages of xenon with the convenience of metal halide sources
  • Hot re-ignition; 6000° Kelvin color temperature.