Lycian M2 Long Throw

: 2500W HMI
Zoom range: 3° – 7.5°
ballast: integrated

The M2 is Lycian’s revolutionary latest modular follow spotlight system.

This innovative system is comprised of modules that can be easily assembled into various configurations allowing a design to fit specific applications or to reconfigure as the requirements change. This concept gives maximum flexibility to designers, rental houses and customers for their application and budget. For ease of use, the follow spot can conveniently be set up to be operated from either side.

The Lycian M2 Long Throw features:

  • 2500W HMI lamp source
  • Zoom range starting at 3.1° to 5.6°
  • Self-canceling six-color boomerang
  • Manual controlled douser and iris
  • Chopper masking
  • Variable focus
  • Zoom with fine focus adjustment
  • Built-in power supply