Robert Juliat Aramis

lamp: 2500W HMI
Zoom range: 4.5° – 8°
ballast: separate

The Robert Juliat Aramis is a powerful 2500W HMI follow spot with a 4,57° – 8° beam angle and a surprisingly high light output, making it ideal for long throw venues and theatrical applications.

Equipped with high quality optics and covered in a robust housing, the Robert Juliat Aramis is durably constructed and built for prolonged use in fixed and “road” situations were long throws have to be made.

The Robert Juliat Aramis features;

  • 2500W HMI lamp source
  • Zoom range starting at 4.5° to 8°
  • Silent hot re-strike ignition
  • High performance quartz condenser optical system
  • 100% closing iris with black plate follower in a removable cassette
  • 100% closing manual dimmer
  • “B” size double gobo holder on slide changer
  • 6 way boomerang color changer fitted with removable filter frames
  • Soft filter on flip lever
  • 5500 -> 3400K conversion filter on a flip lever
  • Fast locking focusing handle
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • Heavy duty adjustable yoke
  • Compact and efficient design. All working part readily accessible, allowing easy maintenance
  • Special hanging points at the rear of the unit.